Endpoint Security: Client Antivirus

Client antivirus software is essential in keeping laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and other endpoint devices free from viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, and other forms of malware. Because a single malware infection can sometimes lead to more serious problems, you have to be proactive about your antivirus protection. Infected endpoints can spread malware to servers and the rest of your infrastructure, putting your business’ core applications at risk.

There are different types of malware. Some cause minor disruptions, while others can bring down entire networks. Their destructive characteristics include:

  • Destroying data
  • Logging keystrokes
  • Stealing information
  • Altering data
  • Formatting disks
  • Clogging networks
  • Crashing computers

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That’s not all. Worms, for example, can rapidly replicate and spread to other systems in order to establish a botnet. Once a botnet is established, it can then be used to do any of the following on a massive, global scale:

  • Launch DDoS attacks
  • Brute-force FTP, SMTP, and SSH servers
  • Send spam
  • Collect passwords
  • Perform click-fraud

Malware infections usually begin when end users download seemingly harmless files like email attachments, software (e.g. antivirus, Flash, Android OS) updates, or PowerPoint presentations. Because security policies that restrict downloads are sometimes (or often) ignored, it’s important to set up defenses at your endpoints.

The problem with client antivirus software is that it can sometimes throw false positives, slow systems down, or induce a false sense of security.

Protect Your Organization from Viruses and Malware with Antivirus Solutions from Adapture.

Because viruses, worms, and other malware can be used as attack vectors in a variety of cyberattacks, they pose a serious threat not only to company data and endpoints, but also to the entire enterprise infrastructure.

The seasoned solutions architects at Adapture are experts in enterprise cybersecurity. We possess the skills and knowledge to counter any form of malware threat and can help you:

  • Deploy, configure, and manage your antivirus solution
  • Monitor and interpret antivirus reports
  • Provide guidance in addressing critical issues revealed in the reports
  • Train employees on best practices to prevent malware infections and outbreaks