Endpoint Security: BYOD Solutions

If your company hasn’t yet adopted a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, it should evaluate doing so. Consider the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: By allowing employees to use their own devices, companies reduce the need to supply equipment.
  • Superior functionality: Generally speaking, BYOD devices are more advanced than company-issued ones. Thus, users are able to execute tasks more efficiently and faster because they are familiar with them.
  • Worker satisfaction: Employees are happier with products they select themselves. This also allows for additional features to be selected, other than those determined by corporate IT departments.

These productivity-enhancing benefits come at a price. Bring your own technology practices are always accompanied by several security issues. With BYOD, there is an added emphasis for organizations to ensure that devices connecting to the corporate network meet established security profiles before being allowed to connect. For example, before an employee can connect to the corporate network with their personal device, that device must pass a security screen verifying the presence of AV, Personal Firewall, and other security measures. The BYOD solution should also route the employee with a device found to be out of compliance with a sandboxed site to download necessary files to become compliant.

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A Bring Your Own Phone policy, for instance, puts your users on different mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, and Ubuntu Touch OS, as well as a multitude of different models. Implementing mobile security on such a diverse collection of technologies, with different nuances, can be an administrative headache.

Enable Your Workforce with BYOD Solutions from Adapture.

Our solutions architects have been working with diverse technologies for decades. We have the skills and experience to manage BYOD environments for you. Adapture can:

  • Craft a robust BYOD and Acceptable Use policy
  • Architect a BYOD network optimized for secure and efficient access
  • Assist in acquiring, installing, configuring, and managing security solutions to support a BYOD strategy
  • Help establish seamless integration between mobile devices and existing systems, including intranet sites and corporate content
  • Ensure regulatory compliance issues are identified and addressed