Security Services: Vulnerability Assessment

The most critical infrastructure vulnerabilities are usually those you aren’t aware of. If malicious individuals find them, whether deliberately or by accident, they will be exploited. A vulnerability assessment can prevent that from happening.

Also known as a vulnerability analysis, this proactive exercise is designed to preempt break-ins, data breaches, and data leaks. It typically consists of automated and manual techniques for seeking out weaknesses in your infrastructure.

Security vulnerability assessments can be carried out against various IT infrastructure components, systems, and personnel, including:

  • Servers
  • Networks and network devices
  • Endpoints (e.g. laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and POS systems)
  • Web, mobile, and desktop applications
  • Databases
  • Application source code
  • Cloud services
  • Cybersecurity applications and devices
  • End users (to determine how vulnerable they are against social engineering attacks)

There are many benefits to conducting a network vulnerability assessment, including:

Informing top-level decision makers of business risks – Insights from vulnerability assessment reports can help directors and executives gain a better understanding of existing risks and ultimately decide on strategies and budget allocations for mitigation.

Supporting regulatory compliance– Some laws and regulations explicitly require companies to conduct risk assessments. Because risk assessments and vulnerability assessments normally go together, the latter likewise plays a significant role in regulatory compliance.

Streamlining security priorities and projects– Knowing what security countermeasures are most needed can boost your chances of preventing accidental data leaks and deliberate cyber attacks.

Expose Weaknesses in Your Network with a Vulnerability Assessment from ADAPTURE.

At ADAPTURE, we don’t just go around looking for areas of vulnerability. Our approach to risk and vulnerability assessment is reinforced with insightful reporting and professional advice. We can advise you on the most effective mitigation strategies that are tailored to your applications, infrastructure, and business.

Armed with the best vulnerability assessment tools, decades of experience in cybersecurity, and an excellent grasp of threat intelligence, our solutions architects will:

  • Carry out an inventory of your digital/IT assets
  • Rank them according to their value to business
  • Conduct manual and automated vulnerability scans
  • Produce a comprehensive report
  • Discuss your vulnerabilities
  • Recommend vulnerability remediation and risk mitigation strategies

Cyberattacks Continue to Grow in Sophistication and Frequency−Is Your Company Secure?

Contact an ADAPTURE Solutions Architect to schedule a vulnerability assessment and discuss cybersecurity strategy.