Network Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

Network penetration testing helps you discover vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure through ethical hacking. It involves a variety of methods and tools that a malicious attacker would use to infiltrate your network. Because live attacks are able to adapt to multiple layers of defenses, an ethical hacker does the same to mimic a real attack.

ADAPTURE offers a comprehensive suite of network penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services. Unlike other firms, we don’t rely exclusively on automated vulnerability scans. When we attack your network, we employ multiple tools and techniques, including footprinting and intelligence gathering, scanning and enumeration, initiating remote shells, deploying malware, evading antivirus systems, and performing social engineering, among others.

Our professional penetration testing is the result of:

  • Decades of experience in enterprise cybersecurity
  • Constant awareness of the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures
  • Proficiency in the use of rudimentary and advanced hacking tools and techniques
  • Complete mastery of threat intelligence

Leverage the Security Teams at ADAPTURE and Lares Consulting to Eliminate Network Vulnerabilities.

To eliminate bias, ethical hackers must be independent of the group charged to set up a cyberdefense. That’s why we’ve partnered with Lares Consulting—a top notch group of certified penetration testing engineers who have mastered the science and art of security penetration testing. Together, we’ve probed corporate networks, exposed critical vulnerabilities, and built better cyberdefenses for our customers.

Our services include:

  • Internal and external network penetration testing
  • Web and mobile application penetration testing
  • Wireless environment penetration testing
  • Cross-vector penetration testing
  • Social engineering security testing
  • Manual penetration and automated scanning
  • Other penetration testing as required

Upon gaining an understanding of your risks and how they can impact your business, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report, actionable insights, and a proposed road map that will guide you in making your next move.

Cyberattacks Continue to Grow in Sophistication and Frequency−Is Your Company Secure?

Contact an ADAPTURE Solutions Architect to schedule a vulnerability assessment and discuss cybersecurity strategy.