Network Security Solutions

Comprehensive network security is vital to your business. It is imperative to address vulnerabilities, counter threats, and preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

The seasoned solutions architects at ADAPTURE have been securing enterprise networks for decades. Through the years, we’ve built and configured highly secure wide area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), firewalls, servers, workstations, wireless access points, and other network elements. Our vast experience enables us to work with both legacy and state-of-the-art network infrastructures.

We offer a wide range of network security services, including:

Wireless Security

Wireless local area networks (LANs) can greatly enhance the workplace productivity. When employees plug their laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices into your corporate network, they now use WiFi instead of a network cable. But like many technologies, wireless introduces a new class of threats and vulnerabilities.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN), enables people to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely through the Internet. This can be especially useful if your workforce is distributed across the country or across the globe. Architecting a VPN and configuring security components to ensure everything works effectively is no easy task.

DNS Security

DNS (Domain Name System) greatly simplifies the way we locate hosts and services on networks. In fact, if a crucial DNS server goes down or is compromised, several business services could instantly become unavailable. Prevent these situations by implementing domain name server security solutions.

NAC (Network Access Control)

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions enhance network security by reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access and mitigating threats and vulnerabilities. With a NAC, you can define and implement security policies that allow client machines access to network resources only when certain conditions are met.


Proxy servers offer security, performance, and administrative benefits to your IT infrastructure, while delivering substantial benefits to your business. Our network specialists can configure your proxy server to work seamlessly with your firewall and other network devices, and become part of a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

You need more than a regular firewall to defend your network against the latest threats. Among the top must-haves in cybersecurity today are Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS). An IDS/IPS can monitor network traffic and even inspect deep into packet payloads to detect and counter threats.