Thycotic and Centrify Consulting and Managed Services

The explosion of privileged accounts in the enterprise has led to a rapidly expanding attack surface that’s rendering traditional approaches to privileged access management (PAM) obsolete. The consequences have been devastating. Vulnerabilities arising from this development are often resulting in costly and reputationally damaging data breaches.

80% of data breaches from hacking involve brute force or stolen credentials
— 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

As businesses increase adoption of cloud, container, Big Data, and DevOps environments, PAM responsibilities become more complicated than ever. IT teams must now be responsible for securing privileged accounts and sessions that are being spawned and used both within and beyond the perimeters of traditional on-premise networks.

Adding to this complexity is the sheer number of human and machine privilege accounts and account credentials growing rapidly every single day.  Aside from countless local admins, domain admins, third party accounts, and other human accounts, IT teams also have to deal with a plethora of non-human accounts embedded in applications, services, IoT devices, APIs, and DevOps pipelines.

In order to minimize risk in an ever expanding attack surface, IT teams need a PAM solution capable of securing privileged access in dynamically changing hybrid environments consisting of traditional (e.g. on-premise servers, virtual machines, etc.) and modern (cloud, container, DevOps, etc.) elements.

The recent merger of two PAM industry leaders, Thycotic and Centrify, is poised precisely to address that need.

A set of PAM solutions for complex hybrid IT environments

This merger brings together two families of PAM solutions whose capabilities complement each other and which, when combined, deliver the level of security fit for modern hybrid IT environments. ThycoticCentrify, the newly formed entity’s temporary name, takes pride in providing best-in-class technologies, a powerful suite of PAM-as-a-Service offerings, and a combined expertise unmatched in the industry.

Both already leading providers of PAM solutions — Thycotic, to more than 12,500 organizations worldwide, and Centrify, to over half of the Fortune 100 — ThycoticCentrify’s integrated solutions now deliver even greater value to customers.

Some of ThycoticCentrify’s key features and capabilities include the following:

  • Privileged Access Management

  • Privileged Access Compliance Auditing

  • Privileged Identity and Access Management

  • Privileged Account and Session Management

  • Privileged Elevation and Delegation Management

  • Secure Remote Access / Remote Worker Security

  • Enterprise Password Management

  • Enforce Least Privilege Policy

  • Service Account Management

Providing comprehensive security to privileged access

With a powerful suite of integrated PAM solutions at its disposal, ThycoticCentrify is one of the few to offer a comprehensive approach to privileged access management. Some of its highly in-demand solutions include the following:

Thycotic and Centrify Consulting and Managed Services

Managing the newly-integrated solutions of ThycoticCentrify while dealing with the inherent complexities of modern hybrid IT environments can be a big challenge. You’ll need IT staff who are already familiar with the nuances of each solution in order to get their full potential.

ADAPTURE can help you in that regard. Not only are we highly experienced in both the Thycotic and Centrify product lines, we’ve also mastered the intricacies of deploying PAM solutions on modern hybrid IT environments. Our experience and expertise can ensure a successful implementation at a very reasonable cost.

Not only that, if you don’t have the necessary bandwidth and expertise to manage ThycoticCentrify PAM solutions, we can also manage them for you. Through our Thycotic and Centrify Consulting and Managed Services, we can take full charge of implementation, installation, integration, upgrade and management of all your Thycotic and Centrify solutions so you can focus on your core business.

Give Your Strained IT Team Relief

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