Cloud Managed Services: SOC (Security Operations Center)

To protect cloud and on-premise IT infrastructures from severe cyber attacks, some companies are diverting precious resources to a SOC, or Security Operations Center. A SOC is a specialized unit devoted to incident response and threat analysis.

It typically consists of highly skilled security professionals and advanced equipment. A SOC team may include alert analysts, incident responders, subject matter experts, and a SOC manager. SOC equipment may include Intrusion Detection/Prevention systems (IDS/IPS), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, and other detection, analytic, and management solutions.

A SOC runs 24/7, monitoring and analyzing network traffic, data access, and system activity. As soon as a threat is detected, the SOC team can immediately perform analysis, take preventive action, and eliminate the threat before it impacts the business. Unfortunately, not all businesses can afford a Security Operations Center. Most companies lack the talent, technology, and financial resources to operate, let alone build, such a unit.

We have a solution.

Gain Superior SOC Protection with ADAPTURE.

By partnering with leading solution providers, such as Dell SecureWorks, ADAPTURE provides businesses with the best option for obtaining SOC protection.

Our solutions specialists work closely with your staff to understand your business processes, determine risks and vulnerabilities, and set up the needed infrastructure to connect with the SOC through the cloud.

Once everything is in place, you’ll then have access to all SOC resources and services, including:

  • Support from top-notch security professionals certified with CISSP, CCNA, MCSE, SANS GCIA, and other highly respected certifications
  • 24 x 7 x 365 service availability
  • Non-stop monitoring of security events
  • Incident analysis
  • Multiple communication channels, like video conferencing, voice, and instant messaging
  • Unlimited consultation and incident remediation
  • Threat intelligence based on anomalous activities extracted from billions of network events worldwide and put together by security threat researchers

Give Your Strained IT Team Relief

The ADAPTURE technology experts are here to help fill in the gaps.