Cloud Managed Services: Contract Management

A cloud-based contract management system is a breakthrough solution for companies burdened by the creation, processing, tracking, and storing of contracts. Delivered as-a-service, this web-based system supports all key functions of enterprise contract management software. Some of these functions include:

  • Creation, processing, and storing of contracts
  • Contract lifecycle automation
  • Standardization of the contract development process
  • Online collaboration
  • Web and mobile device UI
  • Renewable contract alerts
  • Regulatory compliance capabilities

It also comes with the same benefits as other SaaS solutions which means no more:

  • Upfront costs for servers, CPUs, operating systems, networking, storage, and other underlying infrastructure components
  • Administrative costs for backups, patches, configurations, maintenance, malware removal, monitoring, and other administrative tasks
  • Electricity, cooling, real estate, and other costs associated with solutions running on on-premise data centers

And like typical cloud solutions, cloud contract management systems are highly scalable, available, and resilient. They’re easily accessible as well. In most cases, all users need is a Web browser or an accompanying mobile app to access the software anytime, anywhere.

Make Contract Management Easier and More Efficient with Solutions from ADAPTURE.

Many companies gain substantial cost savings and business agility by implementing a variety of SaaS applications. In addition to contract management, businesses are now subscribing to cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) cloud applications.

Having disparate solutions often creates confusion. It builds unwanted silos of data that require error-prone manual re-keying whenever you want to aggregate information. The solutions architects at ADAPTURE streamline applications by integrating contract management, ERP and CRM.

A fully integrated ecosystem consisting of these key applications can provide more visibility and control over contracts, accounts, and customers. No more manual re-keying because data can simply flow from one system to another. As a result, it can drive overall efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

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