ADAPTURE Managed Endpoint Solutions

The threat landscape continues to shift, and small and medium businesses (SMBs) are struggling to keep up with incoming cyberthreats. Your cybersecurity strategy is limited by the data you have available−data your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to sift through and analyze at the rate necessary for a strong proactive defense.

Cyberattacks are hitting SMBs at alarming rates. With the average endpoint solution, it’s difficult to catch them all before they impact your end users. SMBs need an endpoint solution that can keep up and the expertise to manage it round the clock.

With an average of 78 days before a breach is detected, companies need a better approach to endpoint security.

Uncover Your Organization’s Blind Spots

Digital transformation confronts organizations, and specifically CISOs, with challenges regarding visibility into what is happening with the data in their networks. With increasing amounts of data, many different data owners, and even more places where that data lives, it is difficult to identify all sensitive information and put measures in place to protect it; after all, you can’t protect what you can’t see.

There are three significant trends that all cause blind spots for businesses:

Cloud adoptionis forcing organizations to get a handle on all the data stored not only within the data center, but throughout the organization. Before you can move your data to the cloud, you must know what data you have.

Employees are no longer bound to their desks, meaning they now access their apps and work files from just about anywhere at any time. These mobile users can access data and store files outside of the data center, often leaving the organization in the dark when it comes to this data.

Increasingly, organizations are employing encryption techniques to protect data. However, hardware-based security systems can’t check the content of encrypted files, leaving organizations blind to the type of data contained within.

This increased need for data visibility leaves organizations struggling to find an endpoint solution they can manage with limited resources.

Your Endpoint Solution Needs A Comprehensive Protection Plan for Devices, Data, and People

SMBs need a unified threat management system that delivers enterprise-grade protection to keep their organizations safe from today’s cyberthreats−and tomorrow’s.

The ADAPTURE Managed Endpoint solution provides reliable, always-on protection against web and internet threats, no matter where your end users are or what devices they’re using. ADAPTURE brings together industry leading technologies that have over 400 million active users that provide a continual stream of data to quick identify and destroy threats as well as predict future attacks. Backed with the incident response and remediation expertise of the ADAPTURE team, your organization is protected with:

  • Smarter Data

  • Deeper Inspection

  • Faster Detection

This four-shield defense system combines with CyberCapture to protect against new, unknown, and rare malware variants by seizing any files that have not been seen before for deeper analysis in a safe cloud environment.

Block, Isolate, and Analyze with ADAPTURE Managed Endpoint Solutions

Powered by Avast and Zscaler technologies and backed by decades of industry expertise, ADAPTURE Managed Endpoint Solutions provide powerful, layered security services for SMBs across the country. With cyberattacks like phishing, ransomware, and more threatening today’s businesses, organizations need a comprehensive layered security solution to stay protected.

ADAPTURE’s Managed Endpoint Solutions provide antivirus, content filtering, cloud backup, email security services, real-time threat monitoring, cloud-based network security, vulnerability assessments, threat remediation and more. With artificial intelligence and learning, combined with human expertise, ADAPTURE Managed Endpoint Solutions secure your business without burdening your lean IT Team.

Give Your Strained IT Team Relief

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