VDI Solutions for the Modern Enterprise

VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure enables end users to access their personal virtualized desktops from almost any device. Each virtual desktop, which consists of a complete set of software applications, files, and an operating system, is actually hosted on a server and accessed remotely.

VDI offers the following business benefits:

Reduces end user downtime– When a device (ie: laptop or desktop computer) bogs down, there’s no need for the user to wait until it gets repaired. The same virtual desktop can be accessed remotely from any backup device, and the user can resume work right away.

Boosts employee satisfaction and productivity– A virtual desktop’s user interface, layout, and entire look-and-feel doesn’t change. Thus, the end user won’t have to struggle with a steep learning curve whenever he/she is forced to use a backup device.

Enhances business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities– If an entire facility is completely destroyed by fire, flood, or any catastrophe, the virtual desktops that were accessed from the workstations at that facility can be accessed from a disaster recovery site.

Simplifies management – The virtual machines that make up each virtual desktop are hosted on a centralized server, making it easy for admins to carry out updates, policies, and other administrative tasks.

Improves business agility– VDI makes it possible to deploy hundreds or even thousands of laptops and desktop computers at a tiny fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional methods of deployment. This can be essential in situations where time-to-market is crucial.

Like many highly advanced technologies, implementing VDI is not easy. Without proper planning, a VDI project can easily fail.

Implement VDI and Take Business Efficiency to the Next Level with ADAPTURE.

The solutions architects at ADAPTURE have the experience and skills to design and build a robust, streamlined, and highly available VDI ecosystem for you. Through our complete mastery of networking, servers, storage, and virtualization (all vital pieces in any virtual desktop infrastructure), we can ensure your VDI project is a complete success.

Our services include:

  • Conducting a VDI assessment to determine whether it’s the right solution for your organization
  • Incorporating your VDI into your business continuity/disaster recovery plan
  • Architecting your entire virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Setting up the virtual machines on your VDI server
  • Deploying virtual desktops on your laptops, desktop computers, and other endpoints
  • Training your in-house IT administrators to manage your VDI

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