Cloud Infrastructure

A cloud infrastructure can provide your company with the agility it needs to easily adapt to seasonal and sudden changes in your business environment–all without requiring any large upfront costs.

Of the three service models (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers businesses greater control over their digital assets in the cloud. With an IaaS solution, you have full control of your data, operating systems, and applications. You’re also fully in charge of provisioning and managing your virtual servers, as well as allocating computing resources, such as CPU, memory, and storage.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service offers several benefits. With this IaaS, you can:

  • Expand or contract your IT infrastructure in proportion to demand
  • Reduce time-to-market through template server builds, rapid self-service VM provisioning/de-provisioning, and automation
  • Minimize risk by gaining more control of your cloud
  • Carry out LOB (line-of-business) application Dev/Test and other innovative projects that require bursty and transient workloads
  • Conceptualize, test, and deploy new services
  • Enjoy a smoother cash flow by spending on an affordable pay-as-you-go model, as opposed to incurring a large capital expense
  • Easily deploy redundant components for business continuity and disaster recovery endeavors
  • Administer the infrastructure anytime, anywhere through either a VPN or the public Internet
  • Ensure compliance with corporate, government and industry requirements through policy-driven templates

Realize the Full Potential of Your Cloud Infrastructure with ADAPTURE

A cloud infrastructure transforms CAPEX into OPEX. But administering a cloud infrastructure requires extensive knowledge in various areas, including cloud management, virtualization, governance, and system integration. Unless your company has the required expertise, your operational costs can snowball out of control.

The solutions architects at ADAPTURE are backed by decades of experience in enterprise IT and have been aligning cloud projects with actual business needs since the dawn of cloud computing.

We can help you:

  • Migrate systems, data, and applications to the IaaS cloud
  • Architect and deploy the cloud infrastructure
  • Take full advantage of automated, self-service provisioning
  • Prevent overspending due to VM sprawl
  • Integrate applications and network components
  • Institute best practices for system deployment, configuration, and management
  • Train your staff in managing, optimizing, and securing your cloud assets
  • Establish policies for governance, compliance, and security

Are You Measuring Your Cloud Performance According to the Five Pillars?

You could be falling behind in the cloud. Contact an ADAPTURE Solutions Architect for a cloud assessment.