Cloud Acceleration

Cloud is highly effective and powerful, but only if it is built on the proper foundation. Organizations need to build their cloud infrastructure according to industry best practices, but many don’t know what benchmarks to build toward.

Is cloud not delivering on all that it promised?

ADAPTURE Cloud Managed Services help your organization optimize and secure your cloud infrastructure whether you’re beginning to make the move to cloud or you’re already there.

Start Optimizing Cloud with Industry Benchmarks Backed by Expertise

If your cloud isn’t performing like it should, you could benefit from an audit of your current environments. This evaluation helps you reconfigure, repair, and build by following the framework for a well-architected infrastructure.

ADAPTURE Cloud Solution Architects partner with your IT team to audit, diagnose, and reconfigure your cloud to provide the greatest output for the lowest cloud compute cost. We have the experience, the technology, and the engineering workforce to ensure that your cloud meets (and exceeds) industry standards.

We accomplish this by benchmarking your environments against NIST-best practices and our decades of technical experience. Moreover, we take into account what cloud giants, like AWS, Microsoft, and Azure, consider to be the components of a well-architected infrastructure.

A Well-Architected Cloud

A move to cloud is supposed to streamline your processes, optimize resource utilization, and accelerate your business initiatives. For cloud to be fully effective and secure, it must be meticulously well-built.

Ultimately, you need standardized benchmarks to determine if your new environment is more agile, efficient, and secure than your old one. And, the truth is, many organizations are falling short of industry standards in the cloud.

The Five Pillars of Cloud

ADAPTURE cloud experts recommend quantitative standards also harnessed by cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others. According to the standard set by these public cloud giants, a well-architected framework focuses on these five pillars:






Cloud Audits/Executive Cloud Report

To evaluate how well your cloud is performing to these five metrics, ADAPTURE Cloud Solutions Architects will perform a cloud audit. By evaluating the current state of your accounts, we’ll uncover how resources are being consumed, what services are under or over-provisioned, the effectiveness of the environment’s identity management, and more.

This Executive Cloud Report underscores where your inefficiencies are and delivers expert recommendations on remediating inefficiencies and security risks.

If you are just beginning your migration to the cloud, the ADAPTURE Cloud Solutions Architects will help you build your new environment’s foundation according to these industry standards. The best cloud infrastructure is one created with a well-architected foundation from the beginning.

Cloud Managed Services

Many companies find that implementing best practices in the cloud is easier said than done, especially with limited resources and expertise. With ADAPTURE Cloud Managed Services, you can supplement your lean IT team with certified industry expertise from ADAPTURE.

ADAPTURE not only helps you identify where you need to optimize but also has strong relationships with best-in-class partners that enable us to provide the right customized solution for your organization.

From implementation to operation, the ADAPTURE cloud experts can help you underscore where your inefficiencies are, provide recommendations based on years of industry experience, conduct regular security checks on your environment, and perform cloud penetration testing for your organization. ADAPTURE also delivers monthly assessments of your public cloud accounts to make sure you’re staying optimized and secure, mitigating risk, and preventing shadow IT.

Are You Measuring Your Cloud Performance According to the Five Pillars?

You could be falling behind in the cloud. Contact an ADAPTURE Solutions Architect for a cloud assessment.