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Global Media Conglomerate Success Story

A global media conglomerate sought expertise from the F5 consultants at ADAPTURE to manage its security profile.


The global media conglomerate had a business need to replace a legacy technology which provided external access to the company internal portal and other resources via a network appliance. Its goal was to find a solution that would replace the current functionality and enable additional security.


The solution needed by the company was designed to solve three key issues:

  • Provide flexible access to the company’s internal portal regardless of the connection device (true BYOD)
  • Integrate with the legacy portal and authentication technologies
  • Provide additional layers of security for client side checks and portal access

The solution also had to enable the company to grow and encompass the full corporate environment for all of its user divisions and partner companies.

Download the full case study to learn how the solution from ADAPTURE security experts gave the company a stronger security profile with the ability to scan and interrogate inbound connection requests.