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Fortune 1000 Payment Processor Success Story

ADAPTURE Saves Fortune 1000 Payments Processor $3 Million After Maintenance Consolidation Project.


A Fortune 1000 national payments processor needed to simplify its onsite infrastructure and maintenance support processes by transitioning its assets to a more scalable and efficient architecture. The client determined that the most prudent solution was a migration to PaaS, so the team engaged ADAPTURE for pre-cloud assessments and a migration “roadmap” to cloud. The client was at a point where it was time to execute, but a confusing array of maintenance contracts was the first complication to overcome.


When it came to its OEM maintenance support, the payments processor had an expensive logistical challenge on its hands. Over the years, the company had accrued a variety of support contracts from numerous vendors, amassing more than 150 different contracts in all. Consequently, the company faced constant frustrations and difficulties determining which assets were covered by which vendor’s services. When it came time to renew support contracts, the payments processor often didn’t know which of its many vendors to call, but when it finally made that determination, each vendor was more than happy to take its share of the contract renewal. This procedural chaos not only wasted the company’s time, it wasted valuable resources as well.

Download the full case study to learn how ADAPTURE reduced the company’s 12 different vendors—and its 157 collective contracts—to one vendor and four contracts, saving the company over $3 million dollars.