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Fortune 1000 Payment Processor Cloud Migration Success Story

ADAPTURE Helps Fortune 1000 Payment Processor Architect its Move to the Cloud.


Our client, a Fortune 1000 payment processing company, was struggling with regular outages due to the crippling complexity of its onsite infrastructure. Consequently, our client wanted to simplify its architecture and transition to a more scalable and robust environment. The client team determined that the most prudent solution was a migration to cloud, so they engaged ADAPTURE for some third-party perspective.


To mitigate outages and guarantee SLA uptimes to its clients, the payment processing company wanted to move to cloud. It needed to complete the migration over the next five years, and it wanted to be completely serverless by the end. However, with more than 8,000 different applications, the multi-location company was looking at a great deal of overhead and complexity in preparing and migrating its assets on its own. As a company that deals mostly with customers’ sensitive bank and credit card information, security was of the utmost importance. The client’s applications needed to remain PCI compliant throughout the entire migration as well as within its eventual cloud environment.

In short, the client needed a secured, simplified, and more economical roadmap to cloud.

Download the full case study to learn how ADAPTURE successfully charted a step-by-step roadmap to the client’s transition from its massive, internally-hosted infrastructure to the ideal, “serverless” cloud environment.