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Fortune 1000 Financial Services Company Success Story

Fortune 1000 Financial Company Seeks Expertise from F5 Consultants at ADAPTURE to Manage Security.


A leading financial services company had Internet-facing web applications used for credit card processing that had been breached back in March 2012. In addition, the company experienced a DDoS attack in May of 2015. The company required training and security management services to be able to pass PCI Compliance and strengthen their security posture.


The company was mainly looking to maintain compliance with PCI DSS standards. They were also in need of a web application firewall (WAF) for their Training Maintenance Plan along with a WAF Security Policy. An immediate solution was required to prevent a complete DDoS attack across the enterprise.

Download the full case study to learn how ADAPTURE security experts implemented the F5 Application Security Manager (WAF) solution to protect the client’s data and prevent the loss of productivity from exhausted network services.