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Athletics Organization Success Story

ADAPTURE Partners with an Athletics Organization to Execute a Seamless EUC Transition.


The Athletics Organization’s main office had more than 500 staff members, with each employee requiring his or her own work station, complete with laptop computer, monitor, and docking station (among other peripherals). As the company expanded, it observed inefficiencies within its device management processes and realized its need for help from an outside vendor. More specifically, the company needed this vendor to acquire, integrate these end user devices with custom imaging and asset tagging, and deploy them to each employee.


Because of specific in-house requirements, the Athletics Organization could only contract with a vendor that would be flexible and willing to work closely with the company’s preexisting device manufacturers, Dell, LG, and Microsoft. The company naturally needed on-time shipments, but it also demanded a very small window for turnaround to its users. As such, it was crucial to find a company capable of working quickly, efficiently, and securely. The Athletics Organization would also need to stay apprised of the entire operation, with constant communication and documentation maintained between itself, the manufacturers, and the vendor.

Because our services more than satisfied all its requirements, the Athletics Organization chose ADAPTURE to complete the project.

Download the full case study to learn how out of all the vendors that the US-Based Athletics Organization researched, ADAPTURE—they agreed—was the one company that, from start to finish, had the most comprehensive and complete solution for its needs. The company did not suffer any service interruptions or setbacks during the EUC device transition and now enjoy an employee task force with fully outfitted and upgraded work station technology because we managed all aspects of the rollout in a comprehensive and efficient manner.