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Academic Charter School Success Story

ADAPTURE Becomes the Tech Procurement Partner for an Academic Charter School.


An academic charter school serving over 800 students needed a technology partner that could be a one-stop-shop for its technology procurement needs. With an academic program focused on substantial achievement improvement in the STEM fields, the school needed top-of-the-line testing equipment, and needed it fast.

The school was faced with the hurdle of finding a trusted partner that had the expertise and connections to tackle this project. This partner would need to help procure a high number of laptops and install its testing software for state-required online testing, so that the institute’s students could continue to excel.


In order for the project to be successful, ADAPTURE experts needed to procure roughly 700 laptops and 10 wireless access points, as well as install the testing software within a tight window. The charter school was setting the bar for academic excellence, and its devices needed to match.

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