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The Hidden Costs of SaaS Sprawl Smartsheet Report

Technology has been democratized, and we live in a world where applications flow like water. After a decade of innovating in the cloud, apps power everything from factory floors to traffic signals. The number of devices has also exploded. Nearly everyone has two, three, or even more screens, each one loaded with apps. On a daily basis, any number of phones, laptops, smart watches, and other devices make their way into and out of any organization.

In this environment, most companies do not know the extent of their entire application portfolio. They can’t say where every single app is running, what it does, or who it serves. Just like those earlier days of IT, they are suffering from application sprawl.

Chances are good that your organization is one of those affected, and you may not even know. But what are the hidden costs of having so many apps across the organization? And what can be done to tame SaaS sprawl and restore sanity to your application portfolio?

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