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Build a Shared Services Program that Empowers Your Creatives – Smartsheet Report

Even in the best of times, the subjective nature of creative work and hard-to-define goals makes marketing project management a challenge. Today’s creative work teams face a fast-changing landscape that complicates the situation even more, making it increasingly stressful and demanding because of factors including:

Greater competition

Rapid-fire digital content is the order of the day. The customers’ attention span has dwindled to a mere eight seconds, which means that marketing creative has to capture and sustain interest almost instantaneously.2 These pressures intensify when enterprises also have to deliver volume at speed to compete: Consumers watch almost five billion YouTube videos every day3 and more than four million Facebook posts get “liked” every minute.4 Amid so much noise, creatives need more than ever to ensure their marketing message stands out and captures attention.

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