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4 Critical Principles of Enterprise – Smartsheet Report

For enterprise security professionals, the universe of worry is expanding. Besides defending against increasingly sophisticated external attacks, we also need to know who our users are, and tightly control what they do and don’t have access to. We need to secure the transfer of information between users and systems. When data is spread across more locations, in the cloud and on-premise, it exponentially increases the scope of what must be protected across our systems, as well as those of our vendors and partners, and even down to the personal devices of our employees.

Principle #1: Least Privilege

A fundamental principle that underpins much of enterprise security across all kinds
of different dimensions, least privilege is the practice of giving every user exactly as much access as they need and no more. And while most organizations recognize least privilege as critical — and have well-documented policies and procedures — they’re often imperfectly enforced because of the complexity that arises from precise access control. In all kinds of enterprises, users of all kinds — both internal and external — have significantly more access than they should.

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