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Cloud Assessments

Cloud Assessments from ADAPTURE

A Cloud Assessment from ADAPTURE gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your cloud investments and your future application strategy. Sign up now.

Overwhelmed with information. That’s how most IT leaders feel when they look at the offerings available in the cloud. Many organizations are “just experimenting” or “making an exploratory investment” in cloud services.

But how do you evaluate when adopting cloud makes sense or whether it’s a waste of valuable time and resources? With hundreds of options available, and more emerging every day, trying to analyze the cloud vendor market has become challenging.

Understand Your Cloud Options

ADAPTURE is offering IT leaders at all levels an opportunity to establish a rock-solid cloud strategy over the next five to ten years.

The expert cloud consultants at ADAPTURE take a systematic approach to analyzing your company’s cloud strategy by interviewing key staff members and evaluating four key areas:

  • Business
    Focus on the IT organization’s stated objectives as they relate to overall business needs and goals

  • Applications
    Focus on the use cases that IT must support, including applications, internal groups and teams, and general functionality that must be provided to the business

  • Risk
    Focus on IT risk and protection, with an emphasis on security concerns, contractual obligations, and compliance requirements

  • Technology
    Focus on the architectures within the IT organization, primarily around application deployment

If you’re ready to start a conversation about your organization’s cloud priorities, contact the expert consultants at ADAPTURE today.