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Leaders across industries often lack the visibility needed in customer engagements, delivery timelines, and resource allocation. At the same time, internal organization pressures and external customer demands on services leaders are constantly growing−creating more strain on leaders to deliver.

As the leading project management platform, Smartsheet helps leaders reclaim more than 300 hours each year and reduces time-to-market by 15%.

[1] A Forrester Total Economic Study – The Total Economic Impact™ of Smartsheet, pub. 2018

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Smartsheet gives your stakeholders better services and enhanced delivery transparency with client-facing dashboards, private internal dashboards, and executive roll-ups for your top KPIs. This provides business leaders more visibility into what’s in-flight and where their potential issues exist.

With the Smartsheet platform, business leaders can:

  • Gain Clear Program Visibility

  • Optimize Onboarding Processes
  • Automate Processes and Reports
  • Customize Their Project Management Portal

Smartsheet delivers the project intelligence and visibility you need into your strategic initiatives. As a highly customizable platform, you can choose what your clients and internal teams can access and control. This enables a more streamlined customer experience and better communication between your project managers and their end users.

The transparency and customization available through Smartsheet’s project management platform enables your clients to be as involved, or as hands-off, as they want to be.

Smartsheet Enables Granular Access in Your Project Management

With Smartsheet’s project management access control, you take back the reins of your projects. Business leaders can delineate which internal team members or external vendors have portal access to which project (and at what level).
In today’s current threat landscape, every member of your team is a cybersecurity asset (and risk). This identity access management to your project management platform enables you to keep your project data secure while enabling granular access to your end users who need it.

Smartsheet’s Project Management Platform Aligns Your People and Your Technology

Organizations are held back by information silos. With no united view into your data and your processes, you lose alignment within your organization. Employees spend an average of 36% of their typical work day searching for the data they need−and 44% of the time, they aren’t able to find it.

Agility holds the key to your organization’s success, but a company can’t be agile when its teams are working counter to each other without clear visibility into its project progress and data.

The Smartsheet platform enables your company to collaborate, manage, and report on work in real time, automate workflows, and deploy new processes at scale. Smartsheet isn’t a productivity or task app, it’s the end-to-end work execution platform with the proven power to help your organization achieve more.

  • 65% of Smartsheet users see greater cross-team accountability and participation.

  • 58% see fewer unnecessary emails.

  • 53% spend less time switching between apps.

  • 44% see fewer data silos across their organization.

  • 41% see fewer errors in repeatable processes.

Recognized as a leader and innovator by industry analysts, Smartsheet combines the best of enterprise-grade security and capabilities with an intuitive user interface. Smartsheet enables organizations to eliminate silos, make better decisions based on real-time data, automate workflows, and execute at scale.

Rapidly Deploy with ADAPTURE Managed Smartsheet Professional Services

Companies need a project management tool that enables transparency and collaboration across all project sites, but many of them lack the in-house expertise and bandwidth to rapidly deploy a customized full services project lifecycle system with end-to-end professional services portfolio management at scale with necessary enterprise-grade security and controls. And going without a project management platform leads to poor reporting, inefficient usage of employees’ time, poor visibility into project statuses, and other pitfalls.
Hiring new engineers with Smartsheet customization and deployment experience is costly, and often outside of the operational budget−and lean internal IT teams often don’t have the bandwidth necessary to learn, build, and implement a new tool with the full capabilities of Smartsheet.

It doesn’t make sense to invest in a tool without having the resources to manage it

ADAPTURE is a Smartsheet Gold partner with the expertise to help your lean IT team design, customize, and deploy Smartsheet. The ADAPTURE Managed Smartsheet Professional Services couple business process optimization with the Smartsheet platform functioning a single view that connects seamlessly with your various data sources.

Our team of Smartsheet experts provide decades of technical experience to supplement your team. Technology like Smartsheet is only as effective as its management and expertise behind it. ADAPTURE not only customizes and supports Smartsheet for our clients−we also utilize Smartsheet internally because of its unmatched capabilities.

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