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Cloud Security in 7 Steps

We’ve talked about how the security breaches in 2014 can make IT security feel like a Hollywood slasher. Sticking together will help, but what about some practical tips for staying safe out there? Here's cloud security in 7 steps. 1. Protect more than the perimeter. Think about the number of people who have access to [...]

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How to Survive Your First Cisco ACE Replacement

It’s been well over a year now since Cisco announced the end-of-life date for its 4710 Application Control Engine (ACE). In fact, come this January, you won’t be able to order a new ACE service contract at all. If you rely on ACE hardware for load balancing in your environment, the writing is on the [...]

BYOD Policies to Prevent BYOD Threats

In this post: Learn about a rising trend in the workforce, BYOD, and how companies can institute effective BYOD policies. The Balancing Act: Flexibility or Security? The balancing act between freedom and control is not a new issue to people of the 21st century. We see this struggle daily in government, politics, and even with [...]

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