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Closing the Cloud and Cybersecurity Talent Gap

It’s no secret that hackers are becoming more and more skilled, and in today’s digital world, companies large and small are recognizing the importance of having a robust cybersecurity arsenal in place. Cloud has become another crucial component of modern business. With the threats and needs facing businesses constantly changing, the need for skilled cybersecurity [...]

Benefits of Working with a Boutique Cloud Vendor

Major cloud providers offer a broad spectrum of features and solutions. But what if you need more personalization? Often, many small-to-medium-sized businesses are inundated with more features than they know what to do with, and they often lack the expertise needed to efficiently manage and secure their cloud environments. This is where boutique cloud services [...]

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Moving from Physical Infrastructure to Cloud? Here are Three Steps for an Easier Transition

It’s easy to get stuck in the weeds with a giant migration initiative, but distilling the cloud prep and migration process into manageable phases for the move from a physical infrastructure to cloud presents an overview that fosters a more holistic and accurate approach. Here are three phases to a smoother cloud transition: PHASE 1 [...]

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Key Benefits of Working with Cloud Aggregators

Increasing Demand for Cloud Aggregators As cloud technology continues to evolve at a pace most organizations cannot keep up with, the need for cloud aggregators is on the rise. According to leading IT research and advisory company Gartner, Inc., the market is expected to double its size over the next few years, reaching $160 billion by [...]

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VMware Vix Error Code 21009

At ADAPTURE, we are solution architects. We cultivate visionary, comprehensive enterprise technology solutions by implementing world-class platforms that scale with both business growth and technological innovation to keep clients at the forefront of emerging business technologies. To assist our clients, we are focusing on a common VMware error code: VMware Vix Error Code 21009. The [...]

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Amazon Web Services a Leader in Cloud IaaS

Technology research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. recently came out with its Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for 2015. The Magic Quadrant evaluates cloud IaaS providers within the context of the fastest-growing need among Gartner clients – their desire to have a “data center in the cloud,” the research firm says. [...]

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ADAPTURE Joins Ingram Micro’s SMB Alliance Organization

ADAPTURE has opportunity to utilize partner offerings from SMB Alliance across United States and Canada ATLANTA, May 19, 2015– ADAPTURE accepted its membership invitation from Ingram Micro into its SMB Alliance organization. This membership enables ADAPTURE to utilize significant resources and training, as well as work with other partners with the same mission. By partnering [...]

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Renting the Castle: F5 Cloud Security

Software is taking over the world. Have you heard that one before? The rise of public clouds like AWS and vCloud Air moves your data from your protected data center and into someone else’s domain. It’s one thing to protect your infrastructure if you own it, but what if you don’t? Cloud security requires a [...]

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Cloud Security in 7 Steps

We’ve talked about how the security breaches in 2014 can make IT security feel like a Hollywood slasher. Sticking together will help, but what about some practical tips for staying safe out there? Here's cloud security in 7 steps. 1. Protect more than the perimeter. Think about the number of people who have access to [...]

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The Future of Mobile Networking Is Looking Toward The Cloud

Last month, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona introduced the next generation of cellular network technology: 5G. While 5G has been the predicted next step in the mobile world, the actual upgrade of cellular devices to a 5G network is still a few years off. The next step may be a more understated change — [...]